Tutorial to make Full Simulation at High Pileup Scenarios

This tutorial illustrates the simulation of neutrino samples with pileup 70 considering upgraded geometry for the pixel detector (4-layers, 3-disks).

Generation of events

We are going to simulate Neutrinos with Pt 2-20 according to this configuration fragment

ssh jruizvar@lxplus5.cern.ch
cmsrel CMSSW_6_1_2_SLHC6_patch1
cd CMSSW_6_1_2_SLHC6_patch1/src
source script.sh

script.sh requires Bash terminal.

Copy the following configure file (in CMSSW_6_1_2_SLHC6_patch1/src)

Before submitting the job to crab using

do a local test

scram b -j 8
cmsRun Neutrino_Pt2to20_gun_cff_py_GEN_SIM.py

Check edmFileUtil Neutrino_Pt2to20_gun_cff_py_GEN_SIM.root. This file is only to test and can be removed ( rm Neutrino_Pt2to20_gun_cff_py_GEN_SIM.root)

Submit to crab

crab -create
crab -submit -c Neutrino_Pt2to20_14TeV

It takes around 15 min to generate 10000 events. 0.2M events can be generated in 20 jobs. After crab getoutput, don't forget

crab -publish -c Neutrino_Pt2to20_14TeV

Create Analyzer

We are going to create an standalone analyzer (no need to checkout external libraries) that can be used with any GEN-SIM sample, not only neutrinos.

ssh jruizvar@lxplus5.cern.ch
cmsrel CMSSW_6_1_2_SLHC6_patch1
cd CMSSW_6_1_2_SLHC6_patch1/src
source script.sh

Same script.sh as above. Make a directory with a dummy name, in this case neutrinoPU70. Create an analyzer respecting the name Pxecal

mkdir neutrinoPU70
mkedanlzr Pxecal
cd Pxecal

Copy to this folder the following files

Run a local test and check the resulting n-tuple Neutrino_PU70_ntuple.root

scram b -j 8
cmsRun pxecal_cfg.py
root -l Neutrino_PU70_ntuple.root
   [0] NtupleMaker->cd()
   [1] t->Draw("sqrt(ClGx*ClGx+ClGy*ClGy):ClGz")
   [2] .q
rm Neutrino_PU70_ntuple.root

If local run succeeds, you can create and submit the jobs

crab -create
crab -submit 1-500 -c Neutrino_PU70_100K_ntuple
crab -submit 501-1000 -c Neutrino_PU70_100K_ntuple

This step is more time consuming than the generation part. No need to publish because the output are n-tuples stored at T2_BR_SPRACE for private analysis.

Example plots

  • Number of pixel cluster for low pileup (neutrino sample with 5000 events)

  • Number of pixel cluster for high pileup (neutrino sample with 5000 events)


Make the full simulation for a SingleElectronFlatPt5To50 for three pileup scenarios:

  • PU35 (200K events)
  • PU70 (100K events)
  • PU140 (50K events)

  • The GEN-SIM step should be done only once.
  • The python configure files should be slightly modified.
  • No need to touch the Pxecal.cc source file.

Simulated events for single electron

Full simulation with CMSSW_6_1_X using steps above. Samples are @ T2_BR_SPRACE.

Step Path to dataset Number of Events
GEN-SIM /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/adesouza/SingleElectron_Pt5to50_14TeV_v2/ 200K
PileUP35 /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/adesouza/SingleElectron_PU35_20K_ntuple_v4/ 20K
PileUP70 /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/adesouza/SingleElectron_PU70_10K_ntuple_v4/ 10K
PileUP140 /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/adesouza/SingleElectron_PU140_5K_ntuple_v4/ 5K

New Simulated events for single electron

Files in the table bellow were produced with CMSSW_6_1_2_SLHC6_patch1 from these official GEN-SIM samples (50K events)


and using the official MinBias samples (30M events)


To open a merged file in lxplus , inside root mode, one can use

TFile *file = TFile::Open("dcap://osg-se.sprace.org.br:/pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/adesouza/SingleElectronFlatPt0p2To50/MergedNtuples/SingleElectron_Pt2to50_noPU_ntuple.root");

Ntuples listed here are located at T2_SPRACE and contain information about both 5x5 and 1x1 EM crystals.

Scenario Format Size Events Details Paths
No PileUP DIGIRAW 12GB 50K Location /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/adesouza/SingleElectronFlatPt0p2To50/SingleElectron_noPileUP_50K_DIGI_RAW_v6/a49c986a608faae0f4ff11329e2bb83f/
datasetpath /SingleElectronFlatPt0p2To50/adesouza-SingleElectron_noPileUP_50K_DIGI_RAW_v6-a49c986a608faae0f4ff11329e2bb83f/USER
110GB 50K




PileUP70 DIGIRAW 210GB 50K


PileUP140 DIGIRAW 400GB 50K



No PileUP Ntuple 24MB 50K
Merged file /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/adesouza/SingleElectronFlatPt0p2To50/MergedNtuples/SingleElectron_Pt2to50_noPU_ntuple.root
PileUP35 Ntuple 5.6GB 50K
Merged file
PileUP70 Ntuple 11GB 50K
Merged file
PileUP140 Ntuple 22GB 50K
Merged file

For rejection factor

Scenario Format Size Events Details Paths
No PileUp DIGIRAW 560GB 1M 400 files /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/jruizvar/MinBias_TuneZ2star_14TeV-pythia6/MinBias_NoPU_1M_DIGI_RAW/
No PileUp DIGIRAW 5.60TB 9.9M 4000 files /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/jruizvar/MinBias_TuneZ2star_14TeV-pythia6/MinBias_NoPU_10M_DIGI_RAW/
PileUp35 DIGIRAW 440GB 0.2M 2000 files /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/jruizvar/Neutrino_Pt2to20_gun/Neutrino_PU35_200K_DIGI_RAW/
PileUp70 DIGIRAW 880GB 0.2M 2000 files /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/jruizvar/Neutrino_Pt2to20_gun/Neutrino_PU70_200K_DIGI_RAW/
No PileUp Ntuple 19GB 1M 100 files /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/jruizvar/MinBias_NoPU_1M_ntuple/
No PileUp Ntuple 280GB 9.9M 500 files /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/jruizvar/MinBias_NoPU_10M_ntuple/
PileUp35 Ntuple 30GB 0.2M 200 files /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/jruizvar/Neutrino_PU35_200K_ntuple/
PileUp70 Ntuple 60GB 0.2M 200 files /pnfs/sprace.org.br/data/cms/store/user/jruizvar/Neutrino_PU70_200K_ntuple/

Updated code available in GIT.

Raw tables with pixel and ecal information

To produce a raw table use the following

root -b SingleElectron_Pt2to50_noPU_ntuple.root
   [0] NtupleMaker->cd() 
   [1] t->Scan("bHitLayer:bHitGx:bHitGy:bHitGz:egEt:egGx:egGy:egGz","event<=10 && bHitLayer==1"); > singleElectron_withoutPileup.log

The resulting table is

* singleElectron_withoutPileup.log

Name Description
Row Event identifier
Instance Value 0 indicates no pileup
bHitLayer Value 1 indicates first layer of the pixel detector
bHitGx Global x position (in cm) of pixel cluster
bHitGy Global y position of pixel cluster
bHitGz Global z position of pixel cluster
egEt Transverse energy (in GeV) of the cluster in the ECAL
egGx Global x position of ecal cluster
egGy Global y position of ecal cluster
egGz Global z position of ecal cluster

Adding pileup to the event, the resulting table is

* singleElectron_35Pileup.log

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