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Tutorial to make Full Simulation at High Pileup Scenarios

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  Updated code available in GIT.

Raw tables with pixel and ecal information

To produce a raw table use the following

root -b SingleElectron_Pt2to50_noPU_ntuple.root
   [0] NtupleMaker->cd() 
   [1] t->Scan("bHitLayer:bHitGx:bHitGy:bHitGz:egEt:egGx:egGy:egGz","event<=10 && bHitLayer==1"); > singleElectron_withoutPileup.log

The resulting table is

* singleElectron_withoutPileup.log

Name Description
Row Event identifier
Instance Value 0 indicates no pileup
bHitLayer Value 1 indicates first layer of the pixel detector
bHitGx Global x position (in cm) of pixel cluster
bHitGy Global y position of pixel cluster
bHitGz Global z position of pixel cluster
egEt Transverse energy (in GeV) of the cluster in the ECAL
egGx Global x position of ecal cluster
egGy Global y position of ecal cluster
egGz Global z position of ecal cluster

Adding pileup to the event, the resulting table is

* singleElectron_35Pileup.log

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="crab.cfg" attr="" comment="Crab configure file" date="1377667735" name="crab.cfg" path="crab.cfg" size="769" user="JoseRuiz" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="MinBiasSource.py.txt" attr="" comment="Official MinBias" date="1377667753" name="MinBiasSource.py.txt" path="MinBiasSource.py" size="110847" user="JoseRuiz" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="pxecal_cfg.py.txt" attr="" comment="Configure file" date="1377667775" name="pxecal_cfg.py.txt" path="pxecal_cfg.py" size="6518" user="JoseRuiz" version="1"
Line: 172 to 202
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="highPU.gif" attr="" comment="Number of pixel cluster for high pileup scenarios" date="1378850118" name="highPU.gif" path="highPU.gif" size="133598" user="JoseRuiz" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="lowPU.gif" attr="" comment="Number of pixel cluster for low pileup scenarios:" date="1378850186" name="lowPU.gif" path="lowPU.gif" size="132476" user="JoseRuiz" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Pxecal.cc" attr="" comment="Analyzer" date="1378953796" name="Pxecal.cc" path="Pxecal.cc" size="17038" user="JoseRuiz" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="singleElectron_withoutPileup.log" attr="" comment="Raw table with pixel and ecal information" date="1384028924" name="singleElectron_withoutPileup.log" path="singleElectron_withoutPileup.log" size="1583" user="JoseRuiz" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="singleElectron_35Pileup.log" attr="" comment="raw table with pixel and ecal information considering pileup" date="1384029465" name="singleElectron_35Pileup.log" path="singleElectron_35Pileup.log" size="9864" user="JoseRuiz" version="1"
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