SPRACE DZero Operations

Usefull SAM Commands

  • To get the possible dimensions:
    • sam translate constraints --dim=help
  • To get the constraints for datasets:
    • sam translate constraints --dim=help --type=datasetdef
  • To get all dimensions created by you:
    • sam translate constraints --dim="dataset_definer "
  • To view the contents of a dataset:
    • sam translate constraints --dim="dataset_def_name "
  • To define a dataset:
    • sam define dataset --file_name= --defname= --group=
  • To create the dataset:
    • sam create dataset --defname=
  • To get request details;
    • sam get request details --request-id= --dictfmt
  • To get the unmerged thumbnails of a request:
    • sam translate constraints --dim="global.requestId= and data_tier=unmerged-thumbnail"

How to submit a SamGrid job using OSG

  • On spgrid create a legacy proxy and store it into myproxy server:
    > . /OSG/setup.sh
    > export MYPROXY_SERVER=fermigrid4.fnal.gov
    > export GT_PROXY_MODE="old"
    > grid-proxy-init -valid 240:00 -old
    > myproxy-init -d -n
  • Submit the job from spraid:
    > . /usr/local/ups/etc/setups.sh
    > setup vdt
    > setup sam
    > setup jim_client
    > grid-proxy-init -valid 240:00
    -- Main.EduardoGregores - 01 Sep 2006
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