SPRACE CMS Operation

Useful commands for SPRACE site upkeep

Starting and Stopping Services

  1. On spdc00:
    • Log in as root
    • /opt/pnfs/bin/pnfs [start | stop]
    • /opt/d-cache/bin/dcache-core [start | stop]
  2. On spraid:
    • Log in as root
    • /opt/d-cache/bin/dcache-core [start | stop]
    • /opt/d-cache/bin/dcache-pool [start | stop]

To start dCache, follow these commands in order (choosing "start"). To stop, reverse the order of the commands (start on spraid, then spdc00)


  1. This service runs on spdc00.
  2. Check proxy validity:
    • Log in as phedex on spgrid.
    • Use grid-proxy-info to make sure the grid-proxy is valid. If not, follow directions to set up valid grid-proxy.
  3. Start or stop Phedex:
    • Log in as phedex on spdc00.
    • Master -config ~/SITECONF/local/PhEDEx/Config.Prod [start | stop]
    • Replace "Config.Prod" with "Config.SC4" or "Config.Dev" to start the Challenge and Development database, respectively.


  1. Runs on spdc00.
  2. Log in as dbfrontier on spdc00.
  3. Start or stop Frontier:
    • ~dbfrontier/frontier-cache/utils/bin/fn-local-squid.sh [start | stop]


  1. Runs on spdc00
  2. To start/stop SRM separetely from Phedex, as root on spdc00:
    • /opt/d-cache/jobs/srm -logArea=/var/log [start | stop]
  3. To do some file transfer tests, as user:
    • grid-proxy-init
    • srmcp file:////some/test/file srm://spdc00.if.usp.br:8443/srm/managerv1?SFN=/pnfs/if.usp.br/data/tmp/some_name

Important Log files:

  • Globus:
    • $VDT_LOCATION/globus/var/globus-gatekeeper.log
    • $VDT_LOCATION/globus/var/accounting.log
  • GUMS:
    • $VDT_LOCATION/tomcat/v5/logs/gums-*
  • Monalisa:
    • $VDT_LOCATION/MonaLisa/Service/VDTFarm/ML0.log
  • Monitoring in http://spdc00.if.usp.br:2288/
  • On each dCache machines, check /var/log/*Domain.log.
  • The most important ones are
    • srm*Domain.log
    • gridftp*Domain.log
    • `hostname`*Domain.log
  • On spdc00, as user phedex, the phedex logs are found in ~/logs. The most useful is:
    • /home/phedex/logs/download-master

Renewing Phedex Proxy:

For SRM Transfers

As a regular user on spdc00 make sure that the environment variable $MYPROXY_SERVER matches with the $MYPROXY_SERVER in /home/phedex/SITECONF/local/PhEDEx/ProxyRenew and then do the following:
> grid-proxy-init
> myproxy-init -R spdc00.if.usp.br -l phedex_sprace -c 720.0 -d
> su -
# . /OSG/setup.sh
# cp /tmp/x509up_u500 /etc/grid-security/proxy.cert
# chown root: /etc/grid-security/proxy.cert
# /home/phedex/SITECONF/local/PhEDEx/ProxyRenew /etc/grid-security
# cp /etc/grid-security/proxy.cert /home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert
# chown phedex:phedex /home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert
# chmod 600 /home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert

For FTS Transfers

> grid-proxy-init -valid 240:00
> myproxy-init -d -s myproxy-fts.cern.ch -c 240
Enter here MyProxy pass phrase as in /home/phedex/.ftspass

Dealing with CMS CVS Repository for Sites Configuration

To run as user gregores using public key

> export CVSROOT=:ext:gregores@cmscvs.cern.ch:/cvs_server/repositories/CMSSW
> export CVS_RSH=/usr/bin/ssh

To run as anonymous

> export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cmscvs.cern.ch:/cvs_server/repositories/CMSSW
> cvs login
> CVS password: 98passwd

To get the configuration files from CVS:

[gregores@spdc00 gregores]$ su - phedex
[phedex@spgrid phedex]$ cvs -d :ext:gregores@cmscvs.cern.ch:/cvs_server/repositories/CMSSW co SITECONF/SPRACE

[root@spgrid cms]# su - cmssoft
[cmssoft@spgrid cmssoft]$ cd /usr/local/share/OSG/app/cmssoft/cms
[cmssoft@spgrid cms]$ cvs -d :ext:gregores@cmscvs.cern.ch:/cvs_server/repositories/CMSSW co SITECONF/SPRACE

To commit the changes into CVS:

[gregores@spdc00 gregores]$ su - phedex
[phedex@spdc00 phedex]$ cd SITECONF/SPRACE
[phedex@spdc00 SPRACE]$ cvs -d :ext:gregores@cmscvs.cern.ch:/cvs_server/repositories/CMSSW commit

-- EduardoGregores - 01 Sep 2006

Topic revision: r9 - 2007-08-13 - EduardoGregores

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