US MasterClass: General Information from Kenneth Cecire

What is the Masterclass?

Masterclass is a one-day event in which students go their Masterclass Institute and work with particle physicist mentors to:

  • Learn a bit about the Standard Model, LEP, and the LHC
  • Learn how to analyze Z-decays from LEP event displays, with some relation to LHC physics (e.g. Z decays as background or H to ZZ)
  • Analyze ~1000 Z-decay events and determine the branching ratios of the Z boson with assistance from and collaboration with teachers and mentors (this is the heart of the program)
  • Compare and discuss results via videoconference on EVO with other 3-4 other student groups at other Masterclass Institutes

What should a mentor do?

A mentor should be ready to:

  • Set up and test EVO in a place where a student group can be accommodated
  • Get 1-3 teachers in your QN center to put together a group of students
  • Prepare presentations on the physics (or use already existing versions that we have)
  • Arrange for rooms, space to work, a good and reliable EVO/internet connection
  • Mentor students and teachers

How is the US Masterclass organized?

Here is the general plan:

  • There will be 14 Masterclass Institutes in the US, all based in QuarkNet centers.
  • Each Institute is encouraged to have 10-20 student participants along with their teacher(s).
  • The Masterclass dates for the US are Thu 13 March, Fri 14 March, and Sat 15 March.
  • The US Masterclass videoconference will be moderated from Fermilab at 15:00-16:30 CT each day.
  • It is expected that most of the Masterclass work will take place at the Institute in approximately 8 hours with 2-3 hours of preparation beforehand in the school.
  • Once again, the Masterclass will center on DELPHI and OPAL Z-decay events.
  • 2 Institutes may participate instead with the European Masterclass moderated from CERN; the videoconferences for these are in the morning to accommodate the time difference. An Institute must request this option in order to be assigned to the European Masterclass. They would have to adjust their schedules accordingly.
  • There will be evaluation of the US Masterclass this year; all Institutes are expected to participate in this.

Further information

Projected Calendar

  • Nov 2007 – confirmation of participation and information sharing
  • Dec 2007– submission of websites to EPPOG and organization of Institutes
  • Jan 2008 – EVO tests
  • Feb 2008 – (helpful) visits to selected Institutes by staff, QuarkNet fellows; final tune up for all
  • Mar 2008 – MasterClasses
  • Beyond – continued voluntary collaboration on LHC Masterclass investigations

-- SergioNovaes - 21 Dec 2007

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