Tracker Acronyms

Acronyms Expansion Context
2S Two Strip Sensor  
AM Associative Memory  
ASIC Application-Spcific Integrated Circuit  
ATCA Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture  
BX Bunch Cross  
BE Back End  
BER Bit Error Rate  
BPIX Barrel of Pixel Detector  
CAM Content-Addressable-Memory  
CSC Cathode Strip Chambers  
CMOS Complementary MOS  
CPU Central Processing Unit  
CUDA Compute Unified Device Architecture  
DAQ Data AcQuisition  
DC Don't Care (bits) Associative Memory
DF Data Formatter  
DFS Data Formatting System  
DPG Detector Performance Group  
DT Drift Tube  
DTC Data Trigger and Control board  
EC Endcap  
ECAL Electromagnetic Calorimeter  
Eff Efficiency  
Et Transverse Energy  
FE Front End  
FEB same as DTC  
FED Front End Driver  
FMC FPGA Mezzanine Card  
FPIX End Cap of Pixel Detector  
FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array  
FR Fake Rate  
FTK Fast Tracker  
FTP File Transfer Protocol  
GBT Gigabit Transceiver  
GPGPU General Purpose GPU  
GPU Graphics Processing Unit  
GT Global Trigger  
HAPS Hybrid Active Pixel Sensor  
HCAL Hadronic Calorimeter  
HLT High Level Trigger  
HPC - High Performance Computing
- High Pin Counting
I2C Inter Integrated Circuit (bus)  
ID Inner Detector  
IPMC Intelligent Platform Management Controller  
IPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface  
L1 Level 1  
lpGBT low power GBT  
ML Majority Logic  
MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor  
PMOS P-type MOS  
PPS Precision Proton Spectrometer  
POG Physics Object Group  
PR - Pattern Recognition
- Pattern Reconstruction
PRB Pattern Recognition Board  
PRE Pattern Recognition Engine  
PRM Pattern Recognition Mezzanine  
PRP Pattern Recognition Platform  
PS (Pixel + Strip) Sensor  
PT Pattern Track  
pt angular momentum  
PU Pile-up  
PX Pixel  
RGH Random Ghost Hits  
RO Read-out  
ROD Read-out driver  
ROI Region of Interest  
RTM Rear Transition Module  
SCR - Silicon Carrier Region
- Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SCT Silicon Tracker  
SD Silicon Detectors  
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface  
SS - Silicon Strip
- Super Strip
SSD Solid State Drive  
TDCS Trigger Distribution and Control System  
TDR Technical Document Repository  
TF Track Fit  
TH Threashold  
THR Threashold  
TEC Tracker End Cap  
TIB - Tracker Inner Barrel
- Tracker Institution Board
TID Tracker Inner Detector  
TOB Tracker Outer Barrel  
TK Tracker  
TMR Triple Modular Redundancy  
TMT Time-multiplexing Technique  
TPG Tracker Performance Group  
TT - Track Trigger
- Trigger Tower
TTA Trigger Tower Architecture  
TTC Time, Trigger and Control  
VIPRAM Vertical Integrated Pattern Recognition Associative Memory  
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