SPRACE Monitoring


Availability of WLCG sites
Availability of CMS sites for the last 30 days
CMS Site Readiness Status

Site Readiness Status has a summary of whether CMS sites are passing the different site commissioning metrics, day by day.

Site Commissioning Global Status

HammerCloud (HC) is a Distributed Analysis testing system. It can test your site(s) and report the results obtained on that test. Used to perform basic site validation, help commission new sites, evaluate SW changes, compare site performances... HammerCloud summary page for FNAL region
Generic Information Provider (GIP) Validation Service
Generic Information Provider (GIP) a configurable LDAP information provider that differentiates between static and dynamic information. OSG sites use GIP to advertise a variety of grid-related configuration data. GIP is interoperable with LCG. OGS-GIP Validator

OSG Overview Page - Gratia

This page is designed to give outside users a view of what the OSG is currently doing. Computation Hours Per Week
Hours Spent on Jobs by Facility
Cumulative Computation Hours
Comulative Hours Spent on Jobs by Facility
OSG Overview Page
OSG Storage
WLCG Reporting
USCMS T2 SAM Availability

OSG Monitoring Services:

This twiki page discusses site-level service monitoring (for eg., of compute elements) that is collected and monitored centrally.

MyOSG is a web interface for OSG Operations Information Center. Its primary goal is to provide a one-stop location for all of OSG related information by allowing you to quickly find and export the information in the format that you'd like.

The Open Science Grid (OSG) provides many monitoring and information systems to its collaborators for purposes of gathering data about available Resources on the grid.

Resource and Service Validation (RSV) Service:

In OSG, the RSV system, as installed on OSG 0.8.0 compute elements, reports locally scheduled probe results to a central collector operated by the GOC. rsv.png RSV

VO Resource Selector (VORS)

This tests critical health of the resource. (Ping, Hello World, GridFTP, and Looks to see a Job Manager is available and running. Many VOs have more requirements, so this does not always equal jobs.) VORS


This is a optional service and available as a courtesy for Resource Admins to watch their sites. It has no real bearing to how OSG jobs are submitted.

CEMon/BDII Integrated Server Status

This is used by some VOs the same way as ReSS, it pulls raw Glue Schema data and serves it in LDAP format. CEMon/BDII


The Dashboard project for LHC experiments aims to provide a single entry point to the monitoring data collected from the distributed computing systems of the LHC virtual organization. The Dashboard collects information from multiple sources. It covers various activities of the LHC experiments like job processing, data management, transfer tests, monitoring of the reconstruction at Tier-0, or monitoring of site efficiency. The Dashboard is currently working on different Grid flavors (OSG, LCG, gLite). It is deployed for the four LHC experiments ATLAS, ALICE, CMS and LHCb. - Dashboard
- CMS Dashboard
-USCMS-T2 Availabity
- Site Status for the CMS sites: Index, Expanded, GridMap.
- SPRACE Status: CMS Sites, SAM tests

PhEDEx - CMS Data Transfers:

The PhEDEx project provides the data placement and the file transfer system for the CMS experiment. The project name is short for "Physics Experiment Data Export".


Data Operations: Data Transfers and Integrity


New GStat 2.0

LCG GStat 2.0,

Last 24 & 132 Hours
Fermilab Arrow blue right SPRACE
SPRACE Arrow blue right Fermilab

Transfer Monitoring

Last 24 Hours Last 132 Hours
CERN Arrow blue right T1 Statistics Volume Queued
T1 Arrow blue right CERN
T1 [not CERN] Arrow blue right T1 [not CERN]

Links for the working expert

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LOCAL Monitoring


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