Shift Request and Assignment Instructions

  • CMS Twiki complete instructions
  • Short instructions for using shift selection tool
    • Go to:
    • Log in (link on top right) using your NICE/mail server credentials
    • Select "Shiftlist" (menu on the left)
    • Select "Shift selection" (tab on top right)
    • Select a month (and a year)
    • Select a shift type (e.g. central shift leader, central DQM P5)
    • Press "Show" button: at this point the page will be slightly differnt is the kind of shift is organized in blocks (like ALL central shifts- see below for more info- and some subsystem shifts) or not
    • IF the shift type is organized in blocks : by selectiing any shift belonging to a block the whole block is selected. Once you SAVE the shift is ALLOCATED. If you want to cancel a whole shift block selection you will have to refer to the shift manager. If you need to replace one of shifts, you can do so by finding another shifter ( trained!!) and by 'Offering' him the shift by cliking on the blue check box. Beware: After offering a shift it will appear to others as not taken. You yourself can always cancel the offering by simply selecting the shift again. However, until somebody else selects the shift, it stays assigned to you.
    • ELSE if the shift type is not organized in blocks :Select shift preferences by checking either the box which selects the whole month or the boxes for each week available (can then reject some specific days) Self evident how to do that.

-- EduardoGregores - 17 Jan 2012

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