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Application components

Below are listed and briefly described the components of this aplication.

The Instrumentation Laboratory Inventory Form description.


Contains the filds definitions used in the submission page. The wiki name must end in "form' so it can be used in an aplication. The relevant links are:

Adding new fields can be easily implemented by simple editing the topic. When form fields are modified or created, all the objects and template topics must be edited to reflect the change. See below.

The template


Contains the structure with which new tópics are created. Text placed here will be automatically inserted in new topics. Changes in Templare only affect new topics, need to be changed one by one those who have already been created. To make changes that also affect all the topics already created use the Header (see below).

When form fields are modified or added is necessary to promote an update in the template, which is done simply by clicking edit and then save. With this the template start to reflect the changes made in the form. Relevant links are:

The header


It is a topic that is automatically included in the topics created by the submission form. The advantage of using a header is that the topics already created can be modified automatically. Relevant links are:

The submission form


Relevant links are:



-- Eduardo Bach - 2014-07-14

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