Subject: RE: New version
From: Greg Landsberg <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 19:41:32 -0400
To: 'pedro mercadante' <>
CC: "'Sergio M. Lietti'" <>

Hi Pedro,

Looks good, thanks! A few questions:

1) On the set of plots showing two backgrounds and the signal, I'd rather normalize everything to the predicted cross section (and use log plot if needed). That would give a clear clue to as how much larger the backgrounds are than the signal, and also how much they are reduced by the likesign requirement.

2) Add a plot of likesign pair invariant mass distribution for the set with likesign cut. (You can put it in the first row on p. 11, to the right of the opposite-sign mass distribution.)

3) Judging by your plots, reasonable cuts to try would be: - pT(leading lepton) < 30 GeV;
- M(opposite sign pair) < 80 GeV for every opposite-sign pair in the event;
- MET > 10-15 GeV;
- Njet(ET > 15 GeV) > 0 and Sum jet ET > 30 GeV;



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