How to commissioning a PhEDEx download/upload link.


First prepare our machine to receive the Loadtest (in this example for PIC)
[root@osg-se ~]# cd /pnfs/
[root@osg-se ~]#mkdir LoadTest07_Debug_PIC
[root@osg-se ~]#chmod a+w LoadTest07_Debug_PIC
[root@osg-se ~]#chown 900:900 LoadTest07_Debug_PIC
We have to clean this Loadtest files, in order to save space:
[root@osg-se ~]#crontab -e 
23 * * * * find
-cmin +720 -type f | xargs rm -f

Now, as user phedex edit some PhEDEx files, adding PIC:

[phedex@osg-se ~]#vim SITECONF/SPRACE/PhEDEx/ConfigPart.SRMDownload
 -accept          '%FNAL%','%UERJ%','%CERN%','%PIC%'
[phedex@osg-se ~]#vim SITECONF/SPRACE/PhEDEx/ConfigPart.FTSDownload
  -accept          'T1%FNAL%','T1%CERN%','T1%PIC%'
[phedex@osg-se ~]#Master -config ~/SITECONF/SPRACE/PhEDEx/Config.Debug stop
[phedex@osg-se ~]#Master -config ~/SITECONF/SPRACE/PhEDEx/Config.Debug start
  1. Go to the PhEDEx LoadTest injection page and under the link "Show Options," click the "Nodes Shown" tab, then select the source node (T1_ES_PIC* in our example).
  2. Find T2_BR_SPRACE in the "Destination node" column and copy the "Injection dataset" name.
  3. Create a transfer request and copy the dataset name into the "Data Items" box. Select T2_BR_SPRACE as the destination. The DBS is typically LoadTest07, but some sites may create the subscription under LoadTest. You will receive an error if you select the wrong one - simply go back and select the other DBS. Keep the transfer type Replica and the priority Low. Enter as a comment something to the effect of "Commissioning link from T1_ES_PIC_Buffer to T2_BR_SPRACE" then click the "Submit Request" button.
  4. As administrator for the site, you should be able to approve the request right away, simply select the "Approve" radio button and submit the change.


Go to the PhEDEx "create injections" page

  • Login the Debug PhEDEx page, using your certificate
  • Go to Data -> LoadTest Injections.
  • Click on Show Options -> Create Injections.
  • Select source and destination site.
  • Raise the rate to 8 MB/s for an uplink (T2 -> T1). . Make sure that the link is Active. If this is not the case, select the link and choose the correct action start injections from the drop-down box
  • Then you need to create the subscription request:
    • Copy the Injection Dataset name (careful not to copy the Source Dataset).
    • Go to Requests -> Create Requests -> Transfer Requests.
    • Select DBS "LoadTest".
    • Put the Dataset name in "Data Items".
    • Select the destination in "Destinations".
    • Submit request.
    • On the next page, verify that the correct dataset was selected (remember that subscription for "/PhEDEx_Debug/LoadTest07_SourceSite/DestinationSite " should go to DestinationSite, not to SourceSite) and Confirm The transfers should start after the site admins approve the subscription.


Inspect PhEDEx transfers using:
[phedex@osg-se ~]$ /usr/local/phedex/PHEDEX/Utilities/InspectPhedexLog  -es "-4 days"  /home/phedex/logs/Debug/download-srm
statistics are showed using this command. PhEDEx commissioning rules are showed here

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