PhEDEx Shutdown.


Now, to shutdown PhEDEx you need, at osg-se:
su - phedex
Master -config ~/SITECONF/SPRACE/PhEDEx/Config.Prod stop
Master -config ~/SITECONF/SPRACE/PhEDEx/Config.Debug stop

To start it

su - phedex
Master -config ~/SITECONF/SPRACE/PhEDEx/Config.Debug start
Master -config ~/SITECONF/SPRACE/PhEDEx/Config.Prod start
FYI: this is the BlockDownloadVerify
#### Agent BlockDownloadVerify operations

export PHEDEX_DEBUG=1;

### AGENT LABEL=blockverify PROGRAM=Toolkit/Verify/BlockDownloadVerify
    -db          ${PHEDEX_DBPARAM}
    -nodes       ${PHEDEX_NODE}
    -storagemap  ${PHEDEX_MAP}

#### Agent BlockDownloadVerify operations


Fulano em dd/mm/aaaa

Coloca o que fez.

Ciclano em dd/mm/aaaa

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