Job Robots Troubleshooting


NO_DWLOD Cannot download default.tgz from gsiftp

Also SAM tests were affected. In fact, we can't
530-Login incorrect. : globus_gss_assist: Error invoking callout
530-globus_callout_module: The callout returned an error
530-an unknown error occurred
530 End.

Checked it there is expired CRLs for CERN (there is a probe on OSG-RSV tests ), it was ok. Found a problem in our $VDT_LOCATION/glite/etc/vomses that was pointing cms to a non-existing machine. We recovered this file from backup. This problems was completely resolved when we provide, in all worker nodes, the correct link to globus/TRUSTED_CA , inside its GLOBUS_LOCATION ( /opt/OSG-wn-client ), where they can found its CRLs.

BrokerHelper: no compatible resources

All jobRobots are aborted in our farm, looking at the page
 BrokerHelper: no compatible resources
 request expired
First we checked some corruption in our CMSSW installation, running a crab using the same version of CMSSW pointed in following instructions at /twiki/bin/view/Main/EntryDescriptionNo53

May be this error is relatade with an ambiguous BDII publication due a requirement that makes the matchmaking to fail, actually

In our BDII was:
objectClass: GlueSchemaVersion
GlueSchemaVersionMajor: 1 
Note that GlueCESEBindGroupSEUniqueID: appears twice. To remove it, we need to fix GIP that collects information to CEMon. Changing directly the file
seems that it doesn't work. So, we changed the gip-attributes that is read by configure_gip to make this file
vim /OSG/monitoring/gip-attributes.conf
And it can be checked to work with
ldapsearch -x -LLL -p 2170 -h -b mds-vo-name=SPRACE,mds-vo-name=local,o=grid > jobrobot.txt


Fulano em dd/mm/aaaa

Coloca o que fez.

Ciclano em dd/mm/aaaa

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