Experimental High Energy Physics - 2015


  1. Interactions of Particles and Radiation with Matter ( chp_01)
  2. Basic Principles of Electronics ( chp_02)
  3. Data Analysis ( chp_04)
  4. Statistics ( chp_05)
  5. Particle Identification ( chp_06)
  6. Accelerators for Particle Physics ( chp_07)
  7. Tracking Detectors ( chp_12)
  8. Calorimeters ( chp_20)
  9. Muon Spectrometers ( chp_19)
  10. Gaseous Detectors ( chp_11)
  11. Photon Detectors ( chp_13)
  12. Scintillation Counters ( chp_15)
  13. Semiconductor Counters ( chp_16)
  14. New Solid State Detectors ( chp_21)
  15. Astrophysics and Space Instrumentation ( chp_23)
  16. Radiation-Based Medical Imaging ( chp_35)


Main Reference

  1. Handbook of Particle Detection and Imaging, Editors: Claus Grupen and Irčne Buvat (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2012) - Table of Contents

Complementary Readings

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  10. Proceedings of the CAS-CERN Accelerator School on Free Electron Lasers and Energy Recovery Linacs
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