ESP 2012

  • Number of Authors = 8
  • Required Months of Service = 8X3 = 24 Months

Individual Pledges

CMS Members Project Author Pledged Task Months Points
Novaes Sergio OFF YES CSP Shift 0.25 06
Padula Sandra OFF YES CSP Shift 0.50 12
Mercadante Pedro OFF YES CSP Shift 0.50 12
    DQM Shift 0.67 16
Gregores Eduardo OFF YES CSP Shift 0.50 12
Tomei Thiago OFF YES CSP Shift 0.50 12
    TRG Shift 0.75 18
Dias Flavia OFF YES TRG Shift 0.75 18
    TRG Valid 2.00  
    PPD Valid 3.00  
    CRC Train 1.00  
Bernardes Cesar OFF YES CSP Shift 1.00 24
Lagana Caio OFF YES CSP Shift 0.28 6.75
Ruiz Josť OFF NO CSP Shift 1.00 24
Dogra Sunil OFF NO CSP Shift 1.00 24
    Centrality 3.00  
Bach Eduardo CORE NO CRC Site T2 3.00  
Iope Rogerio CORE NO DCS Shift 0.50 12
    CRC Site T2 3.00  
Lietti Sergio CORE NO CRC Site T2 3.00  
Silva Jadir CORE NO CRC Site T2 3.70  
    CRC FacOp 0.00  
Campos Fernando TK NO
Krug Cristiano TK NO
Maciel Carlos TK NO
Oki Nobuo TK NO
Shinoda Ailton TK NO
Total 29.9 196.75

Tasks Names

Project Name Activity Name Task Name Short Name
Run Coordination Central Shifts Computing CSP Shift
Run Coordination Central Shifts DQM P5 DQM Shift
Run Coordination Central Shifts DQM P5 TRG Shift
Core Computing Physics Support Tutorials and Training CRC Train
Core Computing Site Contrib. Tier-2 CRC Site T2
Core Computing Facility Ops Facility Operations CRC FacOp
HI Offline Software Global Observables Centrality Determination Centrality
Offline Software Generators Generators Manag. OFF GenMng
Trigger Coord HLT Menu Perf. Trigger Valid. TRG Valid
PPD PdmV PAG validation PPD Valid

  • Tier-2 Credit == 492 FTE Mo x (XXX TB / 27,837 TB)
  • SPRACE WLCG Pledge = 720 TB == 12,7 Mo on CRC Site T2

-- EduardoGregores - 10 Apr 2012

Topic revision: r11 - 2012-12-14 - SunilDogra

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