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03/Ago/09: D. Denisov

  • To Do:
    • Physics Analysis: Contact Arnauld
    • Data Taking: re-start September 4th
      • Bill Lee: run coordinator = tour & training of DAQ shifter (starting in 2-3 months)
      • Read D0 NIM paper
    • Algorithm:
      • Dave Heidin: Muon ID = go to meetings
  • DZero Hazard Training
  • Go to meetings
    • All Dzero
    • NP
    • Muon ID
    • Seminars @ HR
  • English classes: check at Users Office
  • Contact GSA:
  • Sonia:
    • per diem and dorm (direct)
    • Check: wait e-mail Roy Parker (Accounting Dept.) - 4th floor HR
  • Arthur Maciel: September to December
  • Herb Greenlee: software helps

04/Ago/09: Muon ID Meeting

  • Conveners:
  • To learn:
    • How to run the muon certification code in
    • And then go down to muo_cert documentation wiki page.
  • Sungwoong Cho will be able to help.

05/Ago/09: George Ginther (my host at Fermilab)

  • To do training IN CLASS:
    • Radiological Worker(AC): 08/12/09 08:30 AM - EOC - ground floor Wilson Hall - Joel J. Kofron (Completed)
    • Fermilab Controlled Access: Fermilab Controlled Access - ES&H Training Room - ground floor Wilson Hall - Joel J. Kofron (Completed)
    • Fermilab Controlled Access (Evaluation) (Completed)
  • To do on-line:
    • Security Essentials for Desktop System Administrators (Completed)
    • D0 Hazard Awareness (Completed)

06/Ago/09: Arnaud Duperrin

14/Sep/09: Weekly Like-sign Di-muon meetings

15/Sep/09: Muon ID Meeting

-- AngeloSouza - 03 Aug 2009

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