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The aim of the II Brazilian LHC Computing Workshop is to provide training for the local researchers and system administrators that are involved in the data processing for all LHC experiments.

We should also take this opportunity to train the staff that is configuring and will operate the grid infrastructure currently being deployed in the São Paulo State University (UNESP). GridUNESP is a campus grid initiative composed of seven clusters distributed in different cities of São Paulo State. A centralized management will take care of all operation, maintenance, security, etc. The GridUNESP staff was just hired and the II BLHCCW will provide advice and support in the implementation of the different aspect of the grid infrastructure.

We intend to discuss the specific features of the grid infrastructure explored by each LHC experiment Alice (Patricia Mendez Lorenzo), Atlas (Horst Severini), CMS (Brian Bockelman), and LHCb (Andrew Maier).We should discuss during the workshop a general strategic plan to share in an efficient way the computing resources available in Brazil. We also intend to provide the necessary training for the system administrators to guarantee the smooth operation of the Brazilian LHC clusters.

The workshop will be transmitted via EVO:

The workshop is an initiative of the São Paulo Regional Analysis Center (SPRACE). Financial support was provided by the Rede Nacional de Física de Altas Energias (RENAFAE). We would also liike to thank SGI, Intel, Kingston, and Seagate for the hardware donation that enabled us to use the grid-in-a-box concept during the workshop through our Educational Grid project.