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<-- | E-mail |  | -->
E-mail rogerio.iope at gmail dot com
Curriculum Vitae CV-RLIope.pdf
Annual Report 2006 Report_Procontes_2006.pdf
Annual Report 2007 Report_Procontes_2007.pdf
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FORM FIELD Profession Profession Lab. Specialist
FORM FIELD Country Country Brazil
FORM FIELD State State São Paulo
FORM FIELD Address Address R. do Matão, Trav. R, 187 - Ed. Van der Graaff
FORM FIELD Location Location Physics Dept - University of São Paulo
FORM FIELD Telephone Telephone +55 (11) 3091-8981
FORM FIELD InstantMessaging (IM) InstantMessagingIM
FORM FIELD Email Email
FORM FIELD HomePage HomePage
FORM FIELD Comment Comment
FORM FIELD Skype Skype
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="h" autoattached="1" comment="" date="1160961121" name="CV-RLIope.pdf" path="CV-RLIope.pdf" size="12833" user="Main.RogerioIope" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Relatorio_Anual_Procontes_2006.pdf" attr="h" comment="Annual Report 2006" date="1196881407" name="Relatorio_Anual_Procontes_2006.pdf" path="Relatorio_Anual_Procontes_2006.pdf" size="1283439" stream="Relatorio_Anual_Procontes_2006.pdf" user="Main.RogerioIope" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Report_Procontes_2007.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1196935612" name="Report_Procontes_2007.pdf" path="Report_Procontes_2007.pdf" size="820278" stream="Report_Procontes_2007.pdf" user="Main.RogerioIope" version="2"
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