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My Links

My Personal Data

Note: if personal data is being stored using a secret database, then it is only visible to the user and to administrators.

SSH KEY ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAIEAu7k4pIqeH86SZXZrAERiOwWUOlxdkiWr9J+kNKgKIzfrQ1tIvCnBzSdgIopQcJ7uZpe5RkflOYJI96OlGieWGh+vI5MfsNiidl3lCD6PMS+5CLW0Zjxb/j6RRld5Fs+R5y4aG8i8oUEqqyRruTOONBEHT/S9pVRIOkBO4mc8HYc= winckler@piranha

My Personal Preferences

Uncomment preferences variables to activate them (remove the #-sign). Help and details on preferences variables are available in TWikiPreferences.

  • Show tool-tip topic info on mouse-over of WikiWord links, on or off:
    • #Set LINKTOOLTIPINFO = off

Related Topics

META FORM name="Main.UserForm"
FORM FIELD FirstName FirstName Gabriel
FORM FIELD LastName LastName Winckler
FORM FIELD OrganisationName OrganisationName NCC/UNESP
FORM FIELD OrganisationURL OrganisationURL
FORM FIELD Profession Profession
FORM FIELD Country Country Brazil
FORM FIELD State State São Paulo
FORM FIELD Telephone Telephone +55 11 3393 7786
FORM FIELD InstantMessaging (IM) InstantMessagingIM
FORM FIELD Email Email winckler@ncc.unesp.br
FORM FIELD HomePage HomePage
FORM FIELD Skype Skype gwinckler
META PREFERENCE name="VIEW_TEMPLATE" title="VIEW_TEMPLATE" type="Local" value="UserView"
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