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Github workflow for making PR in CMSSW

Update the master of the private repository

From the command line, create a new branch

  • git checkout -b borzari-change

Add to the commit the files that were changed (repeat the command below with all the files)

  • git add name_of_file

Commit the changes

  • git commit -m "Few words description of the commit"

Push the changes to the private repository

  • git push my-cmssw borzari-change

Make a pull request

  • In the private repository there is the new branch with the modifications. Do a pull request of that branch to the master branch of the cmssw repository. The message in the pull request should contain a more detailed description of what the modifications are, what are the changes expected and what was the validation performed in the modified code.

Follow the updates of the PR in the main cmssw repository.



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