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  I am back at working with FIMP model using Delphes. The histograms of the D_0 of the tracks of electrons/muons (Delphes tracks have a member function called PID since it have access to the generated particle; this might be a matching between generated particle and track (need to investigate it just to make it more clear)) follow the expected. However, I used the files with 10000 generated events with the low F, s mass difference, which doesn't provide a lot of reconstructed electrons/muons. I am going to generate more of those events, but setting m_F = 300 GeV and m_{s0} = 125 GeV, and also changing the decay width. I am also going to set Delphes to reconstruct the F tracks, which is going to be useful for a few of the model's signatures.
In the folder FIMP_leptons_varying_width_bigmdiff_wFtrack, run_01 is for promptly decaying F, run_02 - run_11 are F with c\tau of 100 mm, 200 mm, ..., 1000 mm, and runs 12, 13, ..., 16 are 2 m, 4 m, 8 m, 16 m, 32 m respectively. However, I forgot to put the output HSCP tracks in the Delphes card and all of them failed to give me a root file. I fixed it and I am trying to run again. It might not work though, since the input to the ParticlePropagator module is all the stable particles that Delphes have access to, and F is not a stable particle (as I remember from the tests that I made on 01/10/2020; need to check it again). I built another Delphes module called ParticlePropagatorHSCP where the input are Fs that are filtered from all particles that Delphes have access to (all gen particles), which might work a little bit better.


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