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  The new BG files will be named pp2tt_50000_1x.root, pp2wbb_w2lv_50000_1x.root, pp2wwbb_50000_1x.root, NLO_pp2zbb_z2vv_50000_1x.root, NLO_pp2zz_50000_1x.root and NLO_pp2wz_50000_1x.root. I've to remember that there are copies of these files in access 2, including the signal ones that I've talked about on 01/07/2019.


I've writen a macro to analyze all the 6 .root files for the BG. It's named NLO_mais_certo_ALL_backgrounds_combined_rightratio.C. I still need to corretly get only the prompt electrons/muons for the lepton veto, but I need to talk to Thiago about this first, since I don't wnat to use the GenParticle branch of the Delphes tree (It's EXTREMELY slow!!!).



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