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Alpgen Production 2009

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  -- ThiagoTomei - 27 Jan 2009
  • An ODF spreadsheet containing information about the W scale studies results.
E-mail from Maurizio about the wrong grids:
If you look at the wjetusr_800ptw1600.f files you have in your dirs, you will see
that the cut on the pt is wrong.

I am redoing the 25 grids. I have 12 of them done, in ~2h
I am running the others. Of course those that finished earlier are
the 1j, 2j, and some 3j.

I am running on lxcms127, 132, and 133

I hope they will be ready for tomorrow morning

Stay tuned because tomorrow we will have to make a new tag
they are waiting for us

We ran it that same night and everything worked out.

-- ThiagoTomei - 01 May 2009

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Wjets_scalestudies.ods" attr="" comment="ODF spreadsheet" date="1234200357" name="Wjets_scalestudies.ods" path="Wjets_scalestudies.ods" size="28422" stream="Wjets_scalestudies.ods" user="Main.ThiagoTomei" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Wjets_scaletudies.root" attr="" comment="ROOT file" date="1234200379" name="Wjets_scaletudies.root" path="Wjets_scaletudies.root" size="6465" stream="Wjets_scaletudies.root" user="Main.ThiagoTomei" version="1"
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